Amelia Kerr’s inspiring journey from WPL to international success 2023


The WPL is a worthwhile competition that may also change a person’s life; it will only help women’s cricket in general.


“Having full-time professional athletes means we can work harder and that’s our job. We turn up every day and that’s what we are meant to do,” said Amelia Kerr.

Amelia Kerr’s WPL Journey

Amelia Kerr is expecting that New Zealand Cricket (NZC) would “invest more” in the women’s game now that there are full-time pros.

Women cricketers will get the exact match fees as their male counterparts under a new five-year master agreement between NZC, the six major cricket organisations in the nation, and the New Zealand Cricket Players Association.

“For a while, we had half the squad working as professionals full-time, and the other half juggling cricket and work. It’s crucial that we invest more in our cricket since everyone is a full-time professional, Kerr remarked during New Zealand’s training camp before the trip to Sri Lanka. “We want to perform, and the only way to improve is to train consistently and with dedication.

“Having balance outside of it is beneficial. Having full-time professional athletes allows us to work more diligently, which we are expected to do since we show up daily.

It was amazing how many people we played in front of.

Amelia Kerr on her WPL journey

After a two-month layoff following the She participated in the Women’s Premier League champion Mumbai Indians team, Kerr is making a comeback.

Kerr had spent most of the time before that travelling. She helped New Zealand win a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in August, then played in the Hundred and the WBBL. Last, to the WPL, she also visited the West Indies, played Bangladesh at home, and participated in South Africa’s T20 World Cup.

I don’t usually take that break, but last year was intense, Kerr remarked. “It was a great competition to participate in, to participate in WPL and play there and to witness how much they love cricket over in India, the audience… how many people we were playing in front of. Among the best experiences a person can have is visiting India to play cricket because of the country’s passion and love for the game.

Kerr was a crucial middle-order batsman for the Mumbai Indians, who were coached by Harmanpreet Kaur and took up 15 wickets in the WPL, tied for the third-most.

“The awesome thing about franchise cricket is having players from other countries as teammates,” Kerr remarked. “I had the good fortune to have Charlotte Edwards as my [head] coach, and we had several international pros, including the top player in the world, Nat Sciver-Brunt and Indian captain Harmanpreet.

“Playing with them, watching how they conduct themselves, and getting a glimpse into their training and preparation are all beneficial learning experiences for me. It’s enjoyable to play with various players so that you can quickly establish relationships and work effectively together before the first game.

After winning the WPL title, Amelia Kerr and Nat Sciver-Brunt celebrate

Kerr referred to the WPL as “life-changing” and advised players not to evaluate themselves based on the amount they were paid to be selected. She showed how the New Zealand team handled the emotions associated with setting individuals while some critical players, like veteran Suzie Bates, were left out.

The WPL is a worthwhile competition that may change a person’s life. “It will only advance women’s cricket internationally. It’s good to have possibilities to improve your game worldwide.

“You have friends on other teams who you are glad for and happy for others. It was difficult for those in your group who genuinely wanted to be there and had paved the path for women’s sports for so long. Everyone in this room is somewhat professional, gets along, and did well to show up on that day [during the T20 World Cup match against South Africa].

“Your value is defined by someone else and what your worth [is], which is rather confronting. It’s only an opinion at the end of the day. Therefore, you should know your thoughts as a cricket player; how you are as a person matters most, which is subjective. It isn’t your viewpoint, and it doesn’t define you. You may go out there and disprove the claims of others.

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