Travis Head reveals Bairstow’s shocking Ashes message to demonstrate hypocrisy.

An old video of Bairstow himself was used against the England team, as Australia's Travis Head pointed out. Travis Head spills the beans on what Jonny Bairstow said to him during the Ashes 2023 match.

It’s been nearly 48 hours after England’s 43-run defeat at Lord’s, which put Australia on the verge of an extensive series win early in the contest. Yet, the debate still revolves around Jonny Bairstow’s controversial dismissal. England appears to be struggling to accept it, and the matter has become so broad that the Prime Ministers of both countries have spoken out on the dismissal and the argument about the spirit of cricket. However, as Australia’s Travis Head pointed out, an old video of Bairstow himself has gone against the England team.

In a recent conversation, the Australian batter revealed that Bairstow had threatened to do something similar to what Alex Carey did at Lord’s during the first Ashes Test. Head stated on LiSTNR’s Willow Talk podcast that he and England wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow had a conversation during the first match of the series last month, and Bairstow informed him that he would do the same thing.

“Jonny wasn’t too pleased,” Head explained. “I reminded Jonny last week that I walked out of my crease at the end of an over.” I swiftly pulled my bat back and asked Jonny if he would take the stumps, to which he replied, ‘Bloody oath I would’ and rushed off.”

“I know they would have questioned it differently if they were in the same situation, but with all the heat out of the air, saying that is a little different than now.” (Stuart Broad’s) statements that if Australia woke up, Pat would not be captain… He seems to forget that our followers are pretty loyal and pleased with how the Australians handle things.”

“It’s very, very smart from Jonny Bairstow,” stated the commentator in the video. “Samit Patel will trudge off with the world’s weight on his shoulders as if it’s all a terrible conspiracy, but it’s just a bad game of cricket by him.” Bairstow does the rest by just elevating his foot. Jonny Bairstow deserves a lot of credit for recognizing the opportunity.”

Ashwin’s venomous response silences journalists questioning Bairstow’s dismissal in the second Ashes Test.

Ashwin’s venomous response silences journalists questioning Bairstow’s dismissal in the second Ashes Test.

R Ashwin fires back at a journalist after the Bairstow dismissal controversy.

Ravichandran Ashwin is likely the only player not involved in the upcoming Ashes series to have had nearly as many mentions on social media sites as Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes in recent days. As the world debates the spirit of cricket’ in the aftermath of Bairstow’s controversial dismissal in the second Test at Lord’s, Ashwin, who had already given his verdict on the clearing, began trending on social media for obvious reasons – he is perhaps the most prominent advocate of run-out at the non-striker’s end, another mode of dismissal that almost always attracts spirit of the game debate.

While Ashwin received widespread applause, several questioned his approach to Bairstow’s dismissal. One of them was a seasoned Indian television journalist. But India’s star all-rounder was quick to shut him down.

On July 2, moments after the dismissal prompted a Twitter debate, Ashwin was tagged in a video of Australia keeper Alex Carey stumping his England counterpart. “We must get one fact loud and clear: ‘The keeper would never have a dip at the stumps from that far out in a test match unless he or his team has noticed a pattern of the batter leaving his crease after leaving a ball-like Bairstow did,” Ashwin responded. We must celebrate the individual’s game smarts rather than focusing on the unfair play or the spirit of the game. #Ashes2023.”

A renowned journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, repeated it to question Ashwin and all the other Twitteratis who support Australia’s act and how they would feel if it happened to them.

“Sorry to harp on about this, but I love the game,” he tweeted. To my friend @ashwinravi99 and all others who think Johnny Bairstow was OUT… Would you be pleased if you were distributed in this manner? That is the actual test. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”

As usual, Ashwin responded quickly, stating, “I would be disappointed, very disappointed, in fact, gutted with myself for getting out like that.”

The incident occurred moments before lunch on Day 5 of the 2nd Test Test when Bairstow walked out of the crease believing the ball was dead after ducking the shorter delivery from Cameron Green. Still, an alert Australia wicketkeeper Alex Carey dislodged the bails in time to inflict a rare dismissal. While Ben Stokes stole all the attention after the stumping with his excellent 155, the release became the cynosure of the contest after England’s 43-run loss, detracting from Australia’s triumph and 2-0 series lead.

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